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    Big Pine Construction has been building pole barns in the Rogue Valley since 1982. When you want a quality barn built at an affordable price call us.

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    We build hay barns all around the Southern Oregon for ranchers and farmers. Give us a call today to see how affordable a new hay barn can be.

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    We custom build all types of barns. We never build from kits. Get the barn you want with the functionality you need.

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    Want a new shop for your equipment, business or any other purpose? We build shops too.

  • Southern Oregon Pole Barn Construction Specialists
    Big Pine Construction Saves You 30%
    When Compared To Other Construction Methods

    My name is Ian Tiry the owner of Big Pine Construction. Big Pine Construction has been building pole barns in Southern Oregon from Ashland to Medford to Grants Pass and everywhere in between since 1982.

    Whatever the need or use for the pole barn we can help you get the right size, look and feel you are looking for. We build everything pole barns, hay barns, equipment sheds, monitor barns, horse barns and shops..

    I often tell people that I am the cheapest guy around. And while the word cheap may not sound all that appealing. The fact of the matter is that I do not need to charge as much as my competition does for some very good reasons. 

    First, all of my equipment is paid for. Secondly, we specialize in barn construction. When you specialize in something like this you you get very good at. When you are good at things you can get them done quickly which means less labor.

    So, you see, those are some good reasons why I do not need to charge as much as my competition. I just don’t have the overhead like they do.

    A couple other things to consider when thinking about hiring a pole barn contractor here in Southern Oregon, whether it be in Ashland, Medford or Grants Pass or surrounding areas.

    1. None of the pole barns we build are kits. Every single one of them is custom made to your specifications. And because they are not kits the pole barns you decide to build could be as elaborate and ornate as you want it to be. Or as basic and simple as you need it to be.

    2. All of our materials are local. Lumber, brackets, doors, screws, nails, steel etc. is all purchased from local businesses and manufacturers. In other words your money stays right here in the valley supporting local people. 

    3. We are fast. All we do is build pole barns. And when you specialize in something like that you get really good at it. We can typically be done in half the time as other contractors that do not specialize in the type of building.

    So, if you want a custom built pole barn and you live in Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Talent, Gold Hill, White City, Eagle Point, Central Point, Rogue River, Trail, Hugo, Apple Gate, Shady Cove, or anywhere else in Jackson County and the Rogue Valley than give us a call.

    We are more than happy to come out and take a look at your property and get you a bid to build a pole barn for you. What ever your pole barn needs you can rest assured that it will be built the way that you want it and with the quality and craftsmanship you would expect from a pole barn contractor.

    Give us a call today at 541-865-3332


    Ian Tiry
    Big Pine Construction

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  • We Build All Types Of Pole Barns

  • We build all types of pole barns all around the Rogue Valley with a variety of options and all different sizes and layouts.

  • Ready for a new horse barn? We can build a high quality horse barn at an affordable price with all the options you want.

  • hay barn builders jackson county oregon, hay barn companies rogue valley, hay barns medford oregon

    We build hay barns all around Southern Oregon in a variety of sizes and heights. Give us a call and let's talk about your hay barn needs.

  • Need a want a new shop? We build those too! Great for storing vehicles, equipment, tools, RV or motorcycles. A great place to work too.

  • Quality Barn Construction
    Since 1982

    Big Pine Construction has been custom building barns in Southern Oregon since 1982. We believe strongly in quality craftsmanship and creating the functionality you need from your barn. This is why people call us time and again to build them new barns on their property. Give us a call today to see why you want us to build your new barn.